The Woman And Her Mission

Introducing The Many Shades of Paula

Founder of A New Non-Profit Organization!


Welcome to my home page. I debated for a long time whether there was need for me to have my own website. After all, I write several blogs and podcast sites. I have numerous author sites with different publishers. So, the initial idea of another web page was a bit over whelming. Then I had the opportunity to read a blog from the new CEO at Go Daddy. It caught my attention because he too was debating about the practically of starting a personal blog.  I came to the conclusion that I write in different voices and styles, but none are my own. As a prophetic writer, I write and speak as a prophet of God. That doesn’t mean I don’t have my opinions. It’s just that I am not permitted to speak as much as the normal person. People take me seriously because the issues I write about are very serious.

Nevertheless, there is another side of my own journey that I rarely get to share. That is the purpose of this site. To highlight the lessons I’ve learned and to share a more personal side of Paula Matthews. I usually find myself in a mentoring position, but the past few years have found me confined to a computer and writing numerous books. Which brings me to another reason for this website. There are some things that I would like readers to know, but all the information cannot be contained within a book. So, expect to read about personal notes on some of the books. Then there are times that I may pull alongside the road in my car and decide to record a video message for release. This site will give me flexibility that is not connected directly to EPIC Books and Cafe, Spirit & Life Publications or any other publishing company.

So, I welcome you to my page. It should prove to be a rather exciting adventure!

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